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October 28, 2009

She called

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So the owner called last night.  And told me that Ruby attacked because she was raised with a little dog that used to bite her all the time.  She’s good with big dogs, but little dogs, she’s aggressive.  The shaking?  Yeah, that’s the pit bull in her.  Apparently she’s lab/pitt/shepard.  I don’t have anything against pitty’s, and think they have a bad rap.  The only reason I’m telling this is because it shows how horrific it really was.

So when I told her how much, she was horrified, and told me that they are claiming bankrupcy.  She said that her husband woulda put the dog down (strange comment to make, but I think she was trying to set me up for the fact that they were not going to pay).  She went on and on about what a cheap guy he was.  By the end of the convo, in which I tried to stay positive and not shriek “your dog tried to kill my fucking dog and you are responsible, you cunt!”, she said she would talk to her husband and get back to me.

So now what?  What are the laws in Canada?  In BC?  Who should I report this to?  I had wanted to give them a chance to pay without reporting it.  I mean dogs are dogs, and dogs will do what dogs do, so I am not looking for anything more than payment of the vet bills.  But if they aren’t going to pay, do I go to the police?  The SPCA?  The bylaw officer?  And is there a point in taking it to small claims?  Will I end up paying more out of pocket for court fees just to have them claim bankruptcy and not get anything back??

I’m waiting for the vet to call this morning and tell me where we go from here.  She should come home today.  She’s full of stitches and drains.  I’m washing her bedding right now, so it’s all clean for her.  My poor dog.

I had the worst night sleep last night.  I got up extra early this morning because every time I closed my eyes I could see Ruby pick Morgana up and shake her.  I can hear her screaming.  I can see the blood on my jacket.  I relive it over and over and over. 

And am I ever retarded this morning!  Trying to make breakfast it was like I was in someone elses kitchen for the first time.  I didn’t know where anything was, where anything went… it was pissing me off how my brain keeps snapping. 

I forced myself to eat breakfast, despite the fact that I’m not hungry at all.  I didn’t eat dinner last night, but I had popcorn during Biggest Loser.  Which was a bit of an emotional one, eh?  If I had been in a different mindset last night, I would have been blubbering my face off.  But I was a bit numb, I think.

It didn’t really hit me until just before bed last night when my husband hugged me.  Then he held my face, put his forehead to mine and whispered, “I’m sorry about your doggie”.  Yep, that busted me.  Took me right out of coping mode and into crying mode.  Which led to the crappiest sleep I’ve had in eons.



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