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January 27, 2010

Tuesday Again

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I wonder what’s going to happen tonight on BL.  Totally stoked for it.

Tonight for dinner, I knew I needed to have something light, to compensate for the popcorn tonight.  Wandering around the store, I saw that shrimp was on special, so shrimp salad it is!  But I knew I didn’t have any good salad dressing at home, so off I tromped to that aisle.

And what do I find?  Yogurt based Caesar dressing… in No Name!  Not bad.  Only 40 calories per tablespoon, and 3.5 grams of fat.  Tasty, too.  Not as rich as regular, but that’s a plus for me.

I didn’t work out today.  My ass hurts again, lol.  Stupid bike.  But I did get to do 40 minutes yesterday, so I’m definitely toughing up.

Not much else new over here.  Plugging along.  Hope all is well in my bloggy friend’s lives.  🙂


November 17, 2009

Tuesday? BL & POPCORN!!!

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Although, truth be told, I had popcorn last night.  We watched the first half of “The Great Debators” with Denzel (DENZEL!! DENZEL!!) Washington.  It’s a good movie, and I’m looking forward to seeing the end of it.  We were too tired last night.

I have huge (HUGE) blisters on my feets from my doggie walk yesterday.  Stupid waterproof shoes. 

I’m bored with my lunches.  Need to spice it up somehow.  I’m going to go browse in the grocery store once I’m done here and see what I can find that’s new and exciting.  Or at least not plain and boring.

I’ve decided I am going to remain with my boring breakfasts.  1/2 cup of All Bran (I remember when I hated twigs, lol) and maybe half a banana.  Since when do I care for cereal??  Well, in this case it’s awesome nutritious and light in calories.  So it allows me more spectacular treats later in the day.  Like cheese.  Or popcorn.

I wonder if tonight is the makeover yet on Biggest Loser.  That’s my favourite episode.  I hope it’s soon.

I’ve recently rediscovered that popcorn does not need tons of butter to be tasty.  In fact, if you use only a little (real) butter, and then toss the bowl, you get a bit on every bite.  And without feeling deprived.  It’s plain popcorn I can’t stand.  But I was getting a little silly with the butter for a while there.  But now I’m back to using the cheddar seasoning (shut up, it’s not THAT bad for you), so it helps to spread the love.

That’s about all I got. 

Have a great Tuesday!

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