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October 9, 2009

People of Walmart

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Most of my friends find this site hilarious.  I do not.  I think it is cyber-bullying at it’s finest.

Once again, I received an email today sent from one of my Weight Watchers buddies that has a slew of photos from that site.  Accompanying the photos are comments like “Somebody come here and pick up my jaw, I can’t seem to find it now that my eyes popped out of my head.” and “We have this picture up so that you can stare at it for 5 minutes to decide if she is hot, then try to convince yourself that you don’t actually think she’s hot when you know she really is.”

That last one was an older (much older) lady, dressed to the nines.  She looks fabulous.  She probably felt like a million bucks.  It looks like she had to make a pitstop to Walmart on her way to a function.  And what does she get for her trouble?  Mocked.  Someone took a photo of her and posted it on the internet.  And not on any internet site.  Nope, they posted it on a site renowned for mocking people.  Nice.  Wanna bet she cried?

Wanna bet that 98% of the people that are on this site cried when they saw their picture?  Well, the women, anyways.  Nothing like going about your daily business, maybe having a day where you actually felt good about yourself, and then finding yourself plastered on a cyber-bully site.

Fucking assholes. 

Just because someone has bad taste (in your opinion) doesn’t give you the right to mock them, or send emails of them around the world, laughing at their expense.

Oh, but wait… the creators have SOME sense of decency (if you can call it that).  They told this:

People of Walmart’s founders expect some people to take issue with the site’s tone. “I’m not gonna sit here and say the site isn’t pretentious or that it doesn’t poke fun at people — because it does,” admits Adam, who says he “loves” Walmart. “But we have limits. We won’t make fun of the people who can’t help it.” They do not publish photos of disabled people or Walmart employees who are just doing their job. “I can’t tell you how many people send in pictures of overweight people on motorized scooters,” he says. “But we won’t post them because some of those people need scooters for a reason.” He also refuses to post pictures of the Amish.

Because of those ground rules, People of Walmart mostly ridicules folks with bad hairdos, excessive tattoos or ill-fitting clothing. “Look, I’m a big guy,” says Adam. “I’m not going to walk around in medium-size clothes. I’d look like an idiot.” By the same token, he figures, you shouldn’t wear a Captain America costume, put your goat on a leash or let your pants fall down in public. If you do, you’re begging to be laughed at.


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