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November 29, 2009

OOoooo My Mouth

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So I tried E for the first time on Friday.  Definately something I can see myself doing in moderation.  Like once a season or something.  I had a BLAST.  So much fun!  Danced all night!

The downfall?  Gnashing your teeth all night.  I remember snapping my teeth a lot, and my mouth became a hostile dry environment.  Gum disintegrated in there, it was so bad.  So I just kept snapping my teeth.  And apparently my cheeks and tongue were in between a LOT because holy shit you should see the damage in there.  Cankers like you wouldn’t believe.  Swollen cheeks.  Swollen tongue.  Yesterday eating was a joke.  Soup. 

It was so bad, that if I didn’t know how addicting E can be, it would prevent me from doing it all the time, anyways.  Definately a total fun party drug, ONCE in a BLUE MOON.

Today is Grey Cup Chili Cheese Dog Day!!  My family all looks forward to this event.  The men watch football, the women jabber in the kitchen and race out for the commercials and half time show, and the kids run around the house.  Always a good time.  I open some cans of Stagg make a vat of chili, a pan of fried onions, big dogs in wicked buns.  Soooo good.

And now I’m off to catch up on blogs, then shower, grocery shop and do some house cleaning.  My laptop didn’t come yesterday (poo) so I’m hoping it comes today.  🙂

The scale this morning read 152.2.  A tiny loss, and I’m very happy with it.  My plan for the week is to get out every day with the dogs, and walk/run.  I do believe that is helping.  I know it’s helping them.


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