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May 9, 2010

Random Point Form Thoughts

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– It’s Mother’s Day, which is bitter sweet.  I choose to focus on the sweet, but give a limited time for the bitter, to honour those gone.

– Best Day Ever, yesterday.  Hubby and I jumped on the bike and rode to Whistler to have dinner.  NICE.

– Eating has sucked, portion-wise, but I will get that under control.  I have a plan for the week, and am shopping to the plan.  I will not eat until stuffed, which is what I have been doing.  My pants are tight, and I could go out and get a bigger size, but that is not a solution.  Taking care of my health is.  Not being a statistic is.

– I am supposed to be in the Sun Run today.  I’m not because of my bursitis.  I chose to sleep in and luxuriate in bed.  Not a bad thing.  But it is a sad thing.  Now to do all I can to rest it, heal it, and make it better so I can get active again.  This is a huge part of why I’m gaining the weight back.  Cardio kills my hip.  I need to find alternatives.

– I suckered myself into making “old me” nachos for dinner tonight for my boys.  As a rule they suck at Mother’s Day.  Except last year, when they made HUGE effort for zero dollars, which was the absolute best.  I don’t want them spending money on me, I want them appreciating me.  Year before last, I overheard the younger giving the older what for on the phone the week before, saying “don’t forget” and really giving him the gears.  Then not only did the older do nothing, neither did the younger!  I snapped.  SNAPPED.  On both of them.  So last year they took me for the whole day and we watched the older’s friend’s baseball games, went for a walk in the forest, then had a bbq.  It was awesome.  This year I told them how happy I was last year, and how impressed I was.  I know there will be effort this year, even if it’s just all of us being together over nachos.  But that’s all I want, so it’s good.

– Canucks could be out after tonight.  Sucker deal that it’s on during my nachos, but I’m shrugging it off and making the most of it.  I’m going to psych myself up to enjoy the game, and not pout my way through it.  Secret Sigh.

– Must… get… ass… in… gear…


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