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October 7, 2009

Ouch!… and The Biggest Loser (Spoiler)

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My calves!  I obviously haven’t done stepaerobics in a while.  Yeesh!

Okay, seriously?  Can’t they just boot Tracy and be done with it?  I can’t stand her game play. Although, I guess since she missed the first week of bonding, etc, she isn’t quite on the same page as the others, in all fairness.  Or she’s just a gamer.  Either way, she pisses me off.  I want her gone, but not at Coach Mo’s expense.  Hopefully they will toodle back to individuals soon, and her ass will be grass.

Liz is another one (the older lady) that I’m unsure of.  She seems like a heartless bitch.  I dunno, maybe it’s just me.  But she has not endeared herself to me yet.  I actually thought Abby would be my favourite, but nope, it’s Danny and Shay.  Although, Shay needs to learn to rely on herself, and not how others feel about her.  She puts too much stock in other people’s opinions and stuff, in my opinion.  She needs to find herself internally, her own strength, and learn to rely on that.  Danny is just my cutie patootie that I want to hug in the worst way.  I so adore him.  I love how encouraging he is.  That moment when he was unsure if he had won last night… how sweet was he?  How cute was that looking around?  I so love him.

Is it just me, or is Bob more of a hardass this year?  Or is it that they are showing more training sessions?  I dunno, but he seems tougher.  Could it be that the show is jading him?  I hope not. I hope he’s able to keep his entegrity.  I love how other bloggers call him “Bob-licious”.  Course there is a bit of “Jill-icious” happening, too.  Damn, she’s smokin hot!  OMG, would that not be the ultimate threesome???  Just me?  No?  *slinks away*


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