Shhhh… You Don't Know Me

October 28, 2009


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So I just got off the phone telling my mom about Morgana.  It’s actually her dog, that I’ve been fostering for nine years. She tells me that she would have put the dog down.  With the amount of pain she’s going to be in, and the fact that she’s already arthritic, she doesn’t think it’s fair to make her go through this.

I can’t say it didn’t cross my mind.  But I didn’t feel prepared to make that decision.  Based on a dog bite?  It’s not like it was a life threatening wound. 

Now, my rule is that anything over $500, and the dog goes to sleep, but I’m making them pay for it (even if I have to take them to court, but cross your fingers it doesn’t come to that).  So I didn’t feel that it was right to make that decision.  And besides that, how do you look a vet in the eye and tell them to kill your dog?  Because of a dog bite and because of money?

I’m sure I’ll have to face it one day… is it bad that I’m almost hoping that she doesn’t make it?  So I don’t have to be faced with that decision? 

See?  This is why I have a private blog.  There is no way I could say that in front of anyone I know.  They just don’t get it.  Yes, I love the dog, but bottom line, she’s a dog.  And with dogs we have the power to be merciful that we don’t have with humans.  We can stop their suffering.  And if it comes down to food for my family or the dogs medical bill, the kids win, hands down.  Does that make me cold and heartless?  I don’t think so.  The amount of tears would prove that it was not a heartless decision.  Just a practical one.


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