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September 19, 2009

omg i HATE him!!!

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I deliver chinese on Friday nights.  I work from home five days a week, and by the weekend I’m starved for human interaction.  The place I work is so much fun.  I love the whole team.

Until recently…

My fellow Friday nighter had a heartattack (she’ll be okay, but she’s off for a while).  The fellow that is covering her shifts is an ASSHAT.  He pissed me off so badly tonight… and it takes a LOT to piss me off.

We’ll see if I ever do anything for him again.  I be thinkin not.


In other news… I prepared an awesome ham and avocado bunwich for my dinner.  Packed it in a sandwich bag, and off I went to work, happy as a clam.  I get out of my car, and *splat*.  The bottom of the baggie split, and my ham sandwich is sprawled all over the gravel parking lot.

I should have gone home and gone to bed then.

But no… I worked, madder than hell, and by 9pm was STARVING.  So I ordered a plate of chicken chow mein and sw & sour pork.  Then I proceeded to bag half of it, BEFORE starting to eat.  Yep!  I am so proud of me.  Old me would have scarfed that whole damn plate cuz I deserved it, having lost my dinner like that, and been pissed off by my coworker.  But I refused to let it all sabotage me completely.  Okay, so I prolly ate a smurfload of calories, but it was HALF what it coulda been!  And I made sure and took no elevators tonight.  Whenever faced with stairs I took em!

Now I’m tired.  Soooo tired.

Tomorrow I grocery shop for greens and freggies, then I am going bowling with the whole family, and then dancing tomorrow night.  I need the release!!


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