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February 2, 2010


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Point form thoughts:

– Yay me!  I stopped eating when I was satisfied at dinner.

– Yay me!  I went grocery shopping and did NOT buy any of the impulse purchases I wanted to… like the turtle brownies, or the large cookie that could have been eaten before I got home.  I’ve been having real issues with giving myself too much leeway.

– I got my hairs cut today.  Pretty happy with the change. It’s a little shorter (still fairly long) and layered to allow the curl to do it’s thing.  And tonight I bought a linen Natural Instincts to add the body to my hair that it does.  It’s the same colour of my hair, but my hair is thinning so much that I like to put the wash in to give it some thickness.

– I hate how my hair is thinning on top.  It’s hereditary.  My mother’s is the same way.

– I’m drinking a cuppa Earl Grey tea (decaf) with three drops of Stevia, and it’s beautiful on my tongue.

– The son is back.  It’s my month with him.  Time to retrain him of the rules of THIS house.  He spends one month with me, one with his father’s family (they live four doors down).  Two very different households.  I require gratitude and politeness.  Please and thank you are not optional here.  Extra effort needs to be appreciated.  I point these things out to him for the first week, and then he’s back on track.  Today I told him that appreciation of extras done for him, in ANY relationship, will get more things done for him.  I’m trying to let him know that I’m not nagging for no reason. Ooo, that was bad english even if it was correct.  lol

– Biggest Loser tomorrow!

– Yoga this morning kicked my ASS.  I’ve not done it in a while.  My balance sucked.  Should be interesting to see how my body feels tomorrow.

– With having the boy home, I get up earlier and have an hour to kill before work.  Great time to work out.  No excuses!

– I am back to using the blue star happy face stickers for the calendar when I’ve accomplished 30 minutes minimum of exercise, be it cardio or strength training.


January 27, 2010

*spoiler* Biggest Loser

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Red bitch TOTALLY threw the last two weeks.  I’m convinced.  As Jillian said, she lost 19 lbs the first week, there’s nothing wrong with her metabolism.

Green team pisses me off with their attitudes.  I wanted them both to go home.

Tuesday Again

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I wonder what’s going to happen tonight on BL.  Totally stoked for it.

Tonight for dinner, I knew I needed to have something light, to compensate for the popcorn tonight.  Wandering around the store, I saw that shrimp was on special, so shrimp salad it is!  But I knew I didn’t have any good salad dressing at home, so off I tromped to that aisle.

And what do I find?  Yogurt based Caesar dressing… in No Name!  Not bad.  Only 40 calories per tablespoon, and 3.5 grams of fat.  Tasty, too.  Not as rich as regular, but that’s a plus for me.

I didn’t work out today.  My ass hurts again, lol.  Stupid bike.  But I did get to do 40 minutes yesterday, so I’m definitely toughing up.

Not much else new over here.  Plugging along.  Hope all is well in my bloggy friend’s lives.  🙂

January 21, 2010

Biggest Loser & Chatter

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Hello, Bloggy World.

I had an interesting day… if you find sorting your tax shit interesting.  Pfft.  Why the HELL do I not track and sort as I go??  It took about six hours today to get everything sorted.  SNARF!

Ah well, now it’s done and I don’t have to stress about it anymore.  And it’s still January!  Last month I threw it all at my accountant two days before the deadline.  I’m sure she hates me.

Did you watch The Biggest Loser last night?  What was your take on Mike?  It’s so hard to make a judgement based on a weeks worth of activity squished into a two hour show.  The grey boys seemed pretty pissed about his attitude, though.  I admit I was torn when they fell below the yellow line.  On the one hand, Mike may not deserve to be there as much as Maria.  But on the other, he needs it more than anyone else.  Let’s hope that sending his mom home was a wakeup call.

Other than that, life has been trucken along.  Eating has been mostly good.  There might have been some pizza ordered on Sunday night.  Does it count if you order a thin crust… then eat half of it one day and half of it the next?  *eye roll*

I didn’t mean to, except it was not bad pizza, but not filling.  I kept going back for more.  Maybe I should start serving it with steamed veggies… except that is why I order pizza, so I don’t have to cook.  Sigh.  Ah well, it’s not like it’s an every day, or even an every week, occurrence.

Moving my ass has been a challenge.  Monday I hopped on the treadmill, and Tuesday I intended to, but then I had company come over during my exercise time.  Rather than do it later, I sluffed.  Tsk tsk tsk.  Today, I got up early and hit the treadmill for 15 minutes, then did some sit ups, and then later did another 20 minutes of step aerobics while lifting weights.  I was waiting on something with work, so thought I might as well make myself useful.  I think the secret is staying in my workout clothes.  Then if I have five minutes, I can do whatever… lifting weights, stepping, sit ups, push ups… whatever.  Once I’m showered, forget it.  And if I’m in my jammies, thpppt.

Dinner tonight was yum to the yum!  I had some lean ground pork, so I smashed up some all bran cereal, threw in an egg, and a swack of curry powder.  Make burgers.  I was going to have a side dish of mushroom barley, but it was taking forever, and when I tasted it I realized that hubby would hate it.  So two curry burger patties and steamed broccoli was dinner.  And frankly, I’m satisfied with it!  I’m actually glad that stuff didn’t work.  Plus now I have lunch for tomorrow.  🙂

November 17, 2009

Tuesday? BL & POPCORN!!!

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Although, truth be told, I had popcorn last night.  We watched the first half of “The Great Debators” with Denzel (DENZEL!! DENZEL!!) Washington.  It’s a good movie, and I’m looking forward to seeing the end of it.  We were too tired last night.

I have huge (HUGE) blisters on my feets from my doggie walk yesterday.  Stupid waterproof shoes. 

I’m bored with my lunches.  Need to spice it up somehow.  I’m going to go browse in the grocery store once I’m done here and see what I can find that’s new and exciting.  Or at least not plain and boring.

I’ve decided I am going to remain with my boring breakfasts.  1/2 cup of All Bran (I remember when I hated twigs, lol) and maybe half a banana.  Since when do I care for cereal??  Well, in this case it’s awesome nutritious and light in calories.  So it allows me more spectacular treats later in the day.  Like cheese.  Or popcorn.

I wonder if tonight is the makeover yet on Biggest Loser.  That’s my favourite episode.  I hope it’s soon.

I’ve recently rediscovered that popcorn does not need tons of butter to be tasty.  In fact, if you use only a little (real) butter, and then toss the bowl, you get a bit on every bite.  And without feeling deprived.  It’s plain popcorn I can’t stand.  But I was getting a little silly with the butter for a while there.  But now I’m back to using the cheddar seasoning (shut up, it’s not THAT bad for you), so it helps to spread the love.

That’s about all I got. 

Have a great Tuesday!

October 7, 2009

Ouch!… and The Biggest Loser (Spoiler)

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My calves!  I obviously haven’t done stepaerobics in a while.  Yeesh!

Okay, seriously?  Can’t they just boot Tracy and be done with it?  I can’t stand her game play. Although, I guess since she missed the first week of bonding, etc, she isn’t quite on the same page as the others, in all fairness.  Or she’s just a gamer.  Either way, she pisses me off.  I want her gone, but not at Coach Mo’s expense.  Hopefully they will toodle back to individuals soon, and her ass will be grass.

Liz is another one (the older lady) that I’m unsure of.  She seems like a heartless bitch.  I dunno, maybe it’s just me.  But she has not endeared herself to me yet.  I actually thought Abby would be my favourite, but nope, it’s Danny and Shay.  Although, Shay needs to learn to rely on herself, and not how others feel about her.  She puts too much stock in other people’s opinions and stuff, in my opinion.  She needs to find herself internally, her own strength, and learn to rely on that.  Danny is just my cutie patootie that I want to hug in the worst way.  I so adore him.  I love how encouraging he is.  That moment when he was unsure if he had won last night… how sweet was he?  How cute was that looking around?  I so love him.

Is it just me, or is Bob more of a hardass this year?  Or is it that they are showing more training sessions?  I dunno, but he seems tougher.  Could it be that the show is jading him?  I hope not. I hope he’s able to keep his entegrity.  I love how other bloggers call him “Bob-licious”.  Course there is a bit of “Jill-icious” happening, too.  Damn, she’s smokin hot!  OMG, would that not be the ultimate threesome???  Just me?  No?  *slinks away*

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