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May 24, 2010

Long Weekend Shenanigans

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Friday was a shit scene, with a huge fight with my sister and getting the news that my boy will not pass grade ten… again.  Fabulous.  Ptthhhppttt.

Saturday redeemed.  I got my stitches out (Yay!).  I spent most of the day on the couch with my man.  I went to Costco to buy vitamins (one of the reasons I think I’ve been so draggy is because I ran out of  women’s vitamins, and have been taking regular multivitamins.  I think the lack of iron is dragging my ass down.

Saturday night my girl friends all got together and brought our lingerie out.  We then proceeded to do a photo shoot!  Yup yup we did!  Nothing like a few flattering shots to make you feel great again, and put you back on track.

Me!  Holy shit, that's ME!!

We had so much fun!  And we all felt really sexy that night, which does a body psyche good!

Sunday found the man still sick, so I phoned my sons and we went out to brunch together, which was AWESOME quality time (my boys are 23 and 16, so generally too busy with life to hang with mom often).  Then the younger went on his way, and the older and I picked up one of his coworkers and mosied our way up to Stave Lake for some mud boggin.  Well, we WATCHED mud boggin.  I drive a Pontiac Wave, so instead of 4x4in we were 2x4in. (it’s an inside joke actually from when older boy was only four, and I was out 4x4in and when I came back he was all excited and telling everyone that his mommy was out “2x4in”)  The rest of the night was spent on the couch with the sickie man, watching good tv.

And now I sit waiting for the man to finish mowing the lawn so we can go out on the bike.  It’s been a crappy weekend weather-wise (poor campers), so today is the only semi decent one by the looks of it.  No idea where we are going yet.  🙂


February 2, 2010


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Point form thoughts:

– Yay me!  I stopped eating when I was satisfied at dinner.

– Yay me!  I went grocery shopping and did NOT buy any of the impulse purchases I wanted to… like the turtle brownies, or the large cookie that could have been eaten before I got home.  I’ve been having real issues with giving myself too much leeway.

– I got my hairs cut today.  Pretty happy with the change. It’s a little shorter (still fairly long) and layered to allow the curl to do it’s thing.  And tonight I bought a linen Natural Instincts to add the body to my hair that it does.  It’s the same colour of my hair, but my hair is thinning so much that I like to put the wash in to give it some thickness.

– I hate how my hair is thinning on top.  It’s hereditary.  My mother’s is the same way.

– I’m drinking a cuppa Earl Grey tea (decaf) with three drops of Stevia, and it’s beautiful on my tongue.

– The son is back.  It’s my month with him.  Time to retrain him of the rules of THIS house.  He spends one month with me, one with his father’s family (they live four doors down).  Two very different households.  I require gratitude and politeness.  Please and thank you are not optional here.  Extra effort needs to be appreciated.  I point these things out to him for the first week, and then he’s back on track.  Today I told him that appreciation of extras done for him, in ANY relationship, will get more things done for him.  I’m trying to let him know that I’m not nagging for no reason. Ooo, that was bad english even if it was correct.  lol

– Biggest Loser tomorrow!

– Yoga this morning kicked my ASS.  I’ve not done it in a while.  My balance sucked.  Should be interesting to see how my body feels tomorrow.

– With having the boy home, I get up earlier and have an hour to kill before work.  Great time to work out.  No excuses!

– I am back to using the blue star happy face stickers for the calendar when I’ve accomplished 30 minutes minimum of exercise, be it cardio or strength training.

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