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May 26, 2010

Really? And woot!

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First the “really”.  My boss.  Really?  Have you considered getting a clue?  FFS!!!  Suffice it to say that some days I wonder what the HELL is going through these people’s heads.  How about NOT flying by the seat of your pants.  All day I stressed about finding more hours in my day.  All.Day.  Only to find out that he doesn’t even KNOW what he needs me to do.  FanTAStic.  Whatever. (I so need a sarcasm font)

The Woot is for Intuitive Eating. All day I have been conscious of my hunger/satiety.  I’ve purposefully not made large meals.  The biggest NSV today was at dinner.  I had a small porkloin chop, and almost put another on my plate.  I actually hovered it over my plate twice before reaching up for a sandwich plate and putting it there.  I then took off some of my asparagus and put it on the lunch plate for tomorrow.  And guess what?  I’m SATISFIED.  I feel great!  AND there is room for popcorn tonight with Biggest Loser.


April 13, 2010

Day 1 – Game On!!

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Here we go again!  And I’m excited about it!

Great day of food and exercise today.  Although, I was getting worried I wouldn’t be able to get out and run.  I made it happen, though.  I really have to start doing my workout in the morning, so I can get it over and done with.

And now, some food pics!  Not all from today.  I’ll caption the pics as I go.

Popcorn! It makes the world go 'round.

Liverwurst/Avocado/Spinach wrap & FF cottage cheese w blueberry peach butter

Blueberry Peach Butter!!

Breakfast of Champions

Decadent breakfast... *slurp*

The teenagers breakfast and lunch.

I had to make popcorn tonight, because after eating clean meals and snacks today I was only at 1084 calories.  So popcorn it is!

Tomorrow is another busy day.  Work in the morning.  Commute into Vancouver for an afternoon meeting.  Biggest Loser in the evening.  Love it!!

April 8, 2010

The Road to Hell is Paved With…

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I had the best of intentions.  I meant to take pics of ALL my food.  But leaving eating until you are super hungry makes picture taking be the last thing on your mind.  Whoops.

The day started as usual with breakfast (duh).  Porridge with molasses and a bit of banana cooked into it.  I have a weeks worth of containers in the fridge, if you think this is looking suspiciously familiar.  Milk and vitamins finish it off for a total of 217 calories.

Breakfast of Champions

Lunch was a crackwrap.  Oh delicious goodness!!  Mine had liverwurst, avocado, tomato and spinach.  Side of sliced pear rounded it out for 404 calories.

Mmmmm, crackwrap. *droooool*

Aaaaand that’s the last pic I took today.  Pffft.

Snack was 1/2 cup yogurt with a kiwi and a quarter cup granola.  202 calories.

Dinner was a burger on a whole wheat Burger First bun, with a side of roasted olive oiled yam (holy deliciousness).  611 calories.

Total for the day?  1435 calories.

Workouts were a 35 minute aerobics tape from the 70s.  LOL, it’s funny to watch for the hairstyles and small boobs.  I also did ten minutes on the bike while Bentley spent some time on the treadmill getting rid of the underwear chewing gleam in his eye.

Work it off, Bentley!

Pouring rain out, so hells if I was going out in it.  Wasn’t feelin it.  I figure if the dog whisperer can do it, so can I.  It at least takes the edge off his insanity.  The treadmill cannot replace walks completely, but it sure is a great tool when I’m feeling walk lazy.

That’s all I got today.

April 5, 2010

How did YOU do?

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Ahhh, Easter.  Religious holiday or chocolate fiesta?  Either way, you know it’s a holiday of gluttonous eating, if you let it be.  Did you let it be?  I did NOT!!

I didn’t buy a swack of chocolate this year.  I bought one bar each for my people.  My husband got a bar of truffly milk chocolate.  My oldest son got a bar of good mint chocolate, and my younger son a bar of good dark chocolate.  My youngest is 16, so I don’t need to go all out with eggs and stuff any more.

Easter dinner I had one big slice of ham, probably about four ounces, with a scoop of faux mashed potatoes, a big scoop of broccoli, a couple tablespoons of lemon dill sauce (made without butter), and a bun, without butter.  Dessert is where I went nutser.  I had a sliver each of pumpkin and apple pie, a tiny scoop of ice cream, a huge dollop of real whipped cream, and a tiny slice of cake my eight year old niece made.  I was nowhere near stuffed, and very pleased with myself at the end of the day.

Today I woke up late, and made a breakfast burrito with avocado, 1% sour cream, asiago, 1 egg and some crumbled bacon.  I’ll count it as brunch.

I’m trying to wrangle someone, anyone to come for a hike in the woods today.  I want to take the beagle out.

Speaking of the beagle.  No more kennel for him.  Yesterday we came home to a kennel full of blood, and his paws red up to his elbows.  Obviously his anxiety has escalated to ridiculous proportions.  Kennelling is not an option.

Now we put him outside, wearing the bark collar.  Our back yard is beagleproof, so this may end up being a good option.  There is shelter out there for him.  Cross your fingers, because if for some reason this does not work, I am out of options.

April 3, 2010

Yay Me!!

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I was great tonight!  Friday nights are tough for me, doing the delivery driving.  I drive past all the fast food restaurants and fantasize over what I could order.  Not tonight!  Around 4pm I had a Subway 6″ ham on brown, with the bread ripped out like they do on Biggest Loser.  And then at 7ish I had an order of chicken chop suey.  They were shocked, asking if I wanted noodles or rice with it.  Nope, just the chicken and veggies, please!

Okay, I coulda only ate half the dish, but it was so crunchy and good, I ate the whole thing.  🙂

April 2, 2010

Day 5

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Not bad, not bad!!  I spent the rest of yesterday on the couch, and nursed my hangover.  All was well in the eating department, and I managed to keep down a bunch of water, too.

Did I tell you my starting weight?  I cannot remember… it was 160.4.  Now, I do know that a few of those pounds were sodium weight, what with the four days of ridiculous eating before.  However, the last “real” weigh in I did, on the Wednesday before my food vacation was 158.  That was a new high that caused my freakout, leading to food vacation, leading to GAME ON.

I stepped on the scale today to see 155.6!!  Nice!!

I took a couple of pics of my food over the last few days:

Jammy Cheesy Cracker Goodness = 81 Calories

Avocado, Asiago, Sprouts = 316 Calories


I’m totally in love with the simplicity of this wrap right now.  And my excema loves the healthy oils.  Because of it’s simplicity, you can really taste how the asiago compliments the avocado.  So yummy.

Last night, I was craving pancakes, but I have no mix.  I’ve always used a mix, but it’s not a part of my healthy living lifestyle, so I have not bought any in about three years.  So I googled last night and found a simple recipe.  Holy shit, I had NO idea that making pancakes from scratch was SO easy!!  And WAY better than a mix!!  So light and fluffy, and I was even able to make them whole wheat!!

Here’s the recipe:

  • 1/2 cup flour
  • 1/2 cup whole wheat flour
  • 1 cup skim milk
  • 2 Tablespoons sugar (optional)
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 4 teaspoons baking soda
  • 2 eggs

Mix the wet, mix the dry, mix together.

I work tonight, doing the delivery job for the Chinese food place.  I’m counting that as my “ass of couch” time, since I do a lot more activity during that job than I do in my regular job.  I’m thinking I’ll find a healthy option for dinner tonight, but I’m not sure what yet.  Either shrimp with veggies, or Subway (which is right around the corner).  Each option is high in sodium, but I’ll stay within my caloric range.

Hey, I have a problem in another area.  Maybe someone in blogland can help me.  This is what I posted on Beagle World this morning:

My rescue beagle has separation anxiety in the worst way. He’s destroyed the carpeting in two rooms and the linoleum in the kitchen while we were discovering his limitations. He’s done major damage to the house and cannot be left alone at all. We bought a regular crate, but he learned to get out of it, and that’s when he destroyed the linoleum, scratching and digging to get out the door.

I went out and bought a wire crate, and this has been successful in holding him. But his anxiety about the crate is so insane that you can actually smell it. He emits an odor of anxiety when he knows he’s going in the crate. However, we cannot leave the house without him going in it. But when he’s in it he howls, pants, stinks, poops… it’s awful. For everyone, but especially for him. Do you see the catch 22?

Side note: I do work from home, so he doesn’t have to go in it often. I do, as much as possible, coordinate my shopping and appointments so that he does not have to be crated, but sometimes it is unavoidable.

Last night was possibly the final straw for my husband. While I was in the bathroom with the door closed, my husband stepped outside to have a smoke. Bentley lost it. He thought he was alone, I guess. He went to my bedroom door and started digging, and ripped up the carpet and destroyed it.

I don’t know what to do any more. My husband is at his wit’s end. I am this dog’s fourth owner. I know that if I give him up, he will end up dead or fiercely abused.

Frankly life has become crazy trying to work around this dog’s anxiety.

Please, I beg you, help me. Help me find the tools to deal with this. Point me in the direction I need to go to learn the tools to relieve this dog’s anxiety. I just don’t know what to do any more.

Can you help me?  Any ideas?

Day 4? Or Day 1?

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I drank my FACE off last night and went WAY over my calories, but I also danced and danced…  What do you think?  Is today day 1 or day 4?  I’m gonna go with Day 4.

Today was spent pretty much hung over…. except the hour of powerwashing I did for a friend. (which I’m counting as my workout, btw)

Breakfast was plain oatmeal, 1/4 cup.

Lunch was a wrap with avocado, asiago and sprouts.

Dinner was homemade whole wheat pancakes and eggs with a glass of milk.

I’ve only eaten 1049 calories today, but if you balance me out over the last two days, I may actually be okay, or just over by a couple hundred.  At last that’s what I’m telling myself.  *wink*

I have a couple of pics, but my camera is waaaaay over there. *points into kitchen*  You’ll have to suck it up till tomorrow, my loves!

March 31, 2010

Day 2 – GAME ON!!

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Day two with a vengeance, bay-beee!!!

First thing this morning I got up and did 40 minutes of yoga.  Ya, I did!  Then I bopped my way into my kitchen and did a weeks worth of porridge.  Ya, I did!  Then I planned my food for the day.  Ya, I did!!

Breakfast was the usual suspect… 1/4 cup oatmeal, 3 strawberries, 1 tsp honey, milk and vitamins.  Calories:  234

Porridge & Strawberries... YUM!

Lunch was 4oz cod, 1/4 tomato, and 20 grams of sprouts on a flax wrap.  Sadly, I was talking on the phone when I made it, so I totally forgot to take a pic.  Look at yesterdays wrap and think fish and sprouts instead of egg and spinach.  Squint sideways and you’ll see it, lol.  Calories:  290

Snack was OHMYGOD good!  Those that don’t like fruit and cheese pairing look away…




Still with me?  Then check THIS out:

Broiled Pears & Asiago

Doesn’t that look utterly delish??  Yeah, it was!!  Calories:  133

Dinner is a chicken breast, sprinkled with cummin, garlic powder and cayenne pepper.  A cup each of steamed broccoli & cabbage stir fry (garlic, onions, carrot and cabbage) rounds it out.  Calories:  353

Plate o' Delicious Yummy Nutrition

And tonight is Biggest Loser.  Which means popcorn.  But not ridiculous popcorn covered in butter.  Oh no… I’m on PLAN.  So, it’s 8 cups of popcorn with one fluid ounce of diet margarine.  I normally don’t do diet products but I’ll make the exception here.  Butter and regular margarine are stupid high in calories, and I’m not willing to waste my calories there.  However, I cannot do plain popcorn and be happy.    Calories:  348

So, for the entire day, that’s a total of 1358 calories.  Not bad!

Hubby and I are going to take the doggies for a walk as soon as the dishes are done (hint hint, darling, get on it, if you are reading over my shoulder).  That will be my second “workout”.  *shrug*  In my Women’s Fitness they count it as such, so I shall, too.  I used to say that anything that did not involve a couch and my ass was working out.  I need to get back there to that kind of thinking.

I say that because I became discouraged once I got a HRM and realized how few calories things like that do burn.  However, because of that, I stopped doing anything, which means I lost the burn of those things, which was pretty stupid, really.  So I’m only going to use my HRM when I run.  Otherwise, I will just move my ass.

Okay, off to shoo the hubby into the kitchen (he obviously was NOT reading over my shoulder).  Have a good one!

March 30, 2010

Today’s Eats (mostly)

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I thought for sure I had taken pics of everything, dammit.  But nope.  Forgot dinner.  Dangnabbit!!

Breakfast was a quarter cup oatmeal, with three strawberries and a teaspoon of honey.  Side with milk and vitamins.  Calories:  234

Saturday for an event I took a platter of deviled eggs.  Three of the eggs didn’t work out right, so I saved the whites and used them for my lunch today. I mixed them up with a tablespoon of light mayo and a pinch of hot mustard for egg salad goodness.  Wrap with tomato and spinach for a caloric total of:  289

Snack was a pear, 1/4 cup of plain fat free probiotic organic yogurt with a 1/4 cup granola.  Yum!  Calories:  217

Dinner… dammit.  I was so excited about cooking something new that I forgot to take a pic of the final product.  So this is a pic of the beet greens.  I’ve never seen them before!  I sauteed them with onion, garlic, worcestershire and bacon bits.  I roasted the beets and a cod fillet.  Total calories:  312

I had a slew of calories left over so I had an after dinner snack of wasa crackers covered in PB2 and banana.  MMMmmmmm.  Calories:  238

Not the best picture, but damn tasty.  I’m going to be sad when I run out of PB2.  Regular peanut butter just sucks now.  It just tastes like oil.

So, total calories for the day:  1290

The day is totally green (it’s a NutriMirror thing).  Success!!  Two workouts (30 minute ab tape & 15 minutes on stationary bike).  Water was just over 2L.  Overall, I’m very happy with me today.  🙂

March 29, 2010

Beet Greens

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Never eaten them.  Bought some today (well, I bought beets, and they have greens attached).  Wish me luck!

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