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June 2, 2010

I’m here! I’m here!

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Holy Hair Straight Back, Batman!!

Is it Friday yet?  Drat, only Tuesday?  Harumph.

I’m having a week, lemme tell ya.

Work:  Trying to block time and focus on sales.  Today, 24 emails went around because our regular Thursday morning meeting needed to be moved.  24 emails and one long-ass phone call later, it was decided to not move it.  Really?  Why are we not productive?  Why??  I spent the day screaming “I HATE YOU ALL” every time and email came in.  Can you say stress?

Home:  I have a broken dog.  Oscar, the wiener, his back went out.  So he’s on crate rest for weeks.  And painkillers.  He cannot go out to go pee.  I have to nurse him constantly.  He’s stressed cuz he’s peeing the bed.  He is in pain and cannot move.  His rear end is paralyzed right now.  I went out and bought pee pads, so it’s getting easier, but man this is not fun.  I hate that he’s feeling like this.  Steve asked me if he should put him down, and I said no.  I work from home so I have the capacity to take care of him.

Steve:  I told him today that I realize why I hate him (I don’t and he knows that).  He is done work, comes home and his day is done and he can just sit his ass in front of the television and be served his dinner.  I work all day, too.  But am I done when work is done?  No.  I still have to take care of the dog, do housework, make dinner, etc.  His answer to all this?  “I appreciate you”.  I told him it’s not enough.  I was joking.  A little.  He got it.  But is it going to change? No.

Dinner: I made sliders!  I found those burger first type bun things in slider size so had fun with it.  I made extra lean curried turkey burgers and roasted asparagus instead of fries.  Holy freakin goodness!!!  I will do that again!  While I was at it I made some beef meatballs for tomorrow’s spaghetti sauce.


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  1. oh no! sorry about your pup – I know when they are not well, it is really stressful and distracting – hope he is on the mend soon! Dinner sounds yum!

    Comment by ashley — June 3, 2010 @ 2:28 pm | Reply

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