Shhhh… You Don't Know Me

May 26, 2010

Really? And woot!

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First the “really”.  My boss.  Really?  Have you considered getting a clue?  FFS!!!  Suffice it to say that some days I wonder what the HELL is going through these people’s heads.  How about NOT flying by the seat of your pants.  All day I stressed about finding more hours in my day.  All.Day.  Only to find out that he doesn’t even KNOW what he needs me to do.  FanTAStic.  Whatever. (I so need a sarcasm font)

The Woot is for Intuitive Eating. All day I have been conscious of my hunger/satiety.  I’ve purposefully not made large meals.  The biggest NSV today was at dinner.  I had a small porkloin chop, and almost put another on my plate.  I actually hovered it over my plate twice before reaching up for a sandwich plate and putting it there.  I then took off some of my asparagus and put it on the lunch plate for tomorrow.  And guess what?  I’m SATISFIED.  I feel great!  AND there is room for popcorn tonight with Biggest Loser.


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