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May 19, 2010

What’s New?

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Not much, really.  I’m not stepping on the scale cuz I know it’s ugly.  I’ve had my head in the sand feeling damn sorry for myself with my bursitis.  I’ve stopped doing cardio because it all inflames it.  Which meant I stopped doing everything.  Even walking inflames it, so not even that.

And did I control my eating?  HELLS NO!  That would have made SENSE.  Pffft.

I also have stitches in my armpit, so today when I went to do some strength training, it turns out it’s too soon for my extraction site (mole, will get biopsy results on the 22nd).  Now I’m in pain again, and pissed about it.

So instead I vaccuumed my house and did laundry.  *shrug* At least it’s moving, right?

Dinner tonight is a steak with roasted zucchini and carrots.  I have olive oil and pizza spice on my veggies.  Yup, pizza spice.  I figure why the hell not, right?  Might be tasty!  I know I love it in my egg whites in the morning.  Holy delicious!  And I get it for a buck from a loonie store.  It’s a grinder with all the spices and NO salt.  Woot!!  I’ll definitely be picking up some more of that business!

Oh, and my sister absolutely rocks.  She ordered me a case of PB2 cuz she felt bad that I was sad about not being able to do the Sun Run.  It should be here in a couple of weeks, and I’m pretty excited about it.  They have a major backlog, which is why it will take so long.  Fantastic customer service from
The Bell Plantation, that’s for sure!  And no, I don’t work for the company, I just love the product.


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  1. Hang in there. It’s hard when your body doesn’t do what you want it to do. Give it time to rest and calm down. I know when I back off, the bursitis definitely gets better. You’ll be back it soon 🙂

    Comment by Marisa (Loser for Life) — May 19, 2010 @ 3:33 pm | Reply

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