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April 8, 2010

The Road to Hell is Paved With…

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I had the best of intentions.  I meant to take pics of ALL my food.  But leaving eating until you are super hungry makes picture taking be the last thing on your mind.  Whoops.

The day started as usual with breakfast (duh).  Porridge with molasses and a bit of banana cooked into it.  I have a weeks worth of containers in the fridge, if you think this is looking suspiciously familiar.  Milk and vitamins finish it off for a total of 217 calories.

Breakfast of Champions

Lunch was a crackwrap.  Oh delicious goodness!!  Mine had liverwurst, avocado, tomato and spinach.  Side of sliced pear rounded it out for 404 calories.

Mmmmm, crackwrap. *droooool*

Aaaaand that’s the last pic I took today.  Pffft.

Snack was 1/2 cup yogurt with a kiwi and a quarter cup granola.  202 calories.

Dinner was a burger on a whole wheat Burger First bun, with a side of roasted olive oiled yam (holy deliciousness).  611 calories.

Total for the day?  1435 calories.

Workouts were a 35 minute aerobics tape from the 70s.  LOL, it’s funny to watch for the hairstyles and small boobs.  I also did ten minutes on the bike while Bentley spent some time on the treadmill getting rid of the underwear chewing gleam in his eye.

Work it off, Bentley!

Pouring rain out, so hells if I was going out in it.  Wasn’t feelin it.  I figure if the dog whisperer can do it, so can I.  It at least takes the edge off his insanity.  The treadmill cannot replace walks completely, but it sure is a great tool when I’m feeling walk lazy.

That’s all I got today.


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