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April 5, 2010

Oprah Guest

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I’m watching her “Humdinger Follow Up” show.  She has a woman on here that lost 175 pounds and was SURE she’d never go back.  She kept it off for seven years.  But then she started to eat.  And twenty pounds came back, between love, food and birth control.  Then she started hiding, and gained 150 back.

The reason I’m blogging it is because something she said struck me.  She said the biggest mistake she made was that she was doing it (losing weight) for everyone else.  She was either doing it for them, or to get a reaction from them.  The obsession with food became replaced with people’s attention.  Replaced with the motivation of other people saying “great job”.

Um… that’s me.  I had a HORRIBLE time with the lack of compliments when I had been at goal for a period of time.  It was no longer “news”.  After two years of steady praise, to have it die off… it was truly difficult.

I’m glad that I’m back on the wagon, and not letting that first twenty pounds come on.  I think that’s the key, is to not get complacent with ANY weight gain.



  1. Thanks for your encouragement and way to be back on the wagon! I know we can beat this!

    Comment by Carbzilla — April 6, 2010 @ 3:56 am | Reply

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