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April 5, 2010

How did YOU do?

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Ahhh, Easter.  Religious holiday or chocolate fiesta?  Either way, you know it’s a holiday of gluttonous eating, if you let it be.  Did you let it be?  I did NOT!!

I didn’t buy a swack of chocolate this year.  I bought one bar each for my people.  My husband got a bar of truffly milk chocolate.  My oldest son got a bar of good mint chocolate, and my younger son a bar of good dark chocolate.  My youngest is 16, so I don’t need to go all out with eggs and stuff any more.

Easter dinner I had one big slice of ham, probably about four ounces, with a scoop of faux mashed potatoes, a big scoop of broccoli, a couple tablespoons of lemon dill sauce (made without butter), and a bun, without butter.  Dessert is where I went nutser.  I had a sliver each of pumpkin and apple pie, a tiny scoop of ice cream, a huge dollop of real whipped cream, and a tiny slice of cake my eight year old niece made.  I was nowhere near stuffed, and very pleased with myself at the end of the day.

Today I woke up late, and made a breakfast burrito with avocado, 1% sour cream, asiago, 1 egg and some crumbled bacon.  I’ll count it as brunch.

I’m trying to wrangle someone, anyone to come for a hike in the woods today.  I want to take the beagle out.

Speaking of the beagle.  No more kennel for him.  Yesterday we came home to a kennel full of blood, and his paws red up to his elbows.  Obviously his anxiety has escalated to ridiculous proportions.  Kennelling is not an option.

Now we put him outside, wearing the bark collar.  Our back yard is beagleproof, so this may end up being a good option.  There is shelter out there for him.  Cross your fingers, because if for some reason this does not work, I am out of options.


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