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March 31, 2010

I’ll take “WTF for $200, Alex”.

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I went to make popcorn tonight, and melted my diet margarine, then poured out a fluid ounce.  This is what it looked like:


WTF is THAT????  From the ingredients, I think it’s oil… the clear part.  What the HELL is the yellow????  And people EAT this shit???

Ingredients on Celeb Blue Menu Light Margarine

Don’t get me wrong, I was gonna eat it.  But then I saw that.  *shudder*   I’m glad I did!

I’ll be buying REAL butter for the boys’ popcorn, and tonight I sprayed olive oil with my Misto and used popcorn topping, for significantly less calories… and it wasn’t horrible.



  1. I like to use Parkay Butter Spray and then sprinkle with Molly McButter cheese flavored sprinkles. YUM!

    PS- Thanks for the sweet comment the other day about my job. I totally get it when people say they don’t know that they could do what I do. Hell, sometimes *I* don’t know how the hell I do it. I’m just getting completely burnt out. I’m hoping something great comes along soon. I’ve let go of the guilt of thinking of letting my team down. Yes, they will be upset, but in the end I have to look out for myself. I have a sneaking suspicion that I have had such trouble with my weight because of the funky hours, the sometimes 10 minute break I get during 13 hours of work to shovel in some food and then get right back out to managing the chaos. It’s just not healthy for me. Now that I can admit it, I can hopefully move on to more stability.

    Comment by Too Fat for My Spanx — March 31, 2010 @ 9:07 pm | Reply

    • I tried the Molly McButter but found it SO salty!

      YW for the comment. My cousin is an end of life care aide, and I get it. I mean I DON’t get it, but I get it. You know what I mean… lol.

      Comment by Shhhh — April 1, 2010 @ 1:13 am | Reply

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