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March 31, 2010

Day 2 – GAME ON!!

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Day two with a vengeance, bay-beee!!!

First thing this morning I got up and did 40 minutes of yoga.  Ya, I did!  Then I bopped my way into my kitchen and did a weeks worth of porridge.  Ya, I did!  Then I planned my food for the day.  Ya, I did!!

Breakfast was the usual suspect… 1/4 cup oatmeal, 3 strawberries, 1 tsp honey, milk and vitamins.  Calories:  234

Porridge & Strawberries... YUM!

Lunch was 4oz cod, 1/4 tomato, and 20 grams of sprouts on a flax wrap.  Sadly, I was talking on the phone when I made it, so I totally forgot to take a pic.  Look at yesterdays wrap and think fish and sprouts instead of egg and spinach.  Squint sideways and you’ll see it, lol.  Calories:  290

Snack was OHMYGOD good!  Those that don’t like fruit and cheese pairing look away…




Still with me?  Then check THIS out:

Broiled Pears & Asiago

Doesn’t that look utterly delish??  Yeah, it was!!  Calories:  133

Dinner is a chicken breast, sprinkled with cummin, garlic powder and cayenne pepper.  A cup each of steamed broccoli & cabbage stir fry (garlic, onions, carrot and cabbage) rounds it out.  Calories:  353

Plate o' Delicious Yummy Nutrition

And tonight is Biggest Loser.  Which means popcorn.  But not ridiculous popcorn covered in butter.  Oh no… I’m on PLAN.  So, it’s 8 cups of popcorn with one fluid ounce of diet margarine.  I normally don’t do diet products but I’ll make the exception here.  Butter and regular margarine are stupid high in calories, and I’m not willing to waste my calories there.  However, I cannot do plain popcorn and be happy.    Calories:  348

So, for the entire day, that’s a total of 1358 calories.  Not bad!

Hubby and I are going to take the doggies for a walk as soon as the dishes are done (hint hint, darling, get on it, if you are reading over my shoulder).  That will be my second “workout”.  *shrug*  In my Women’s Fitness they count it as such, so I shall, too.  I used to say that anything that did not involve a couch and my ass was working out.  I need to get back there to that kind of thinking.

I say that because I became discouraged once I got a HRM and realized how few calories things like that do burn.  However, because of that, I stopped doing anything, which means I lost the burn of those things, which was pretty stupid, really.  So I’m only going to use my HRM when I run.  Otherwise, I will just move my ass.

Okay, off to shoo the hubby into the kitchen (he obviously was NOT reading over my shoulder).  Have a good one!


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