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March 7, 2010

Scary Weekend

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Note to Self:  When one is worried about whether one is having a heart attack, one should abstain from doing E and Coke.  Yeesh!  What an idiot!!

Wednesday, I got an email from my boss that sent me on a stress bender.  Plus I was PMSing BAD.  I started getting chest pains.  Not really pains, actually, but more of a tightening.  Then I started freaking out and waiting for jaw pain (cuz that’s how heart attacks present in women).

A few weeks ago, I had read an article online about how most heart attacks are not the chest grabbing ultra movie moment, but that a lot of times people don’t know they’ve had a heart attack.  How subtle the signs are, and how you have to be really watchful so you can get medical attention.  How heart issues are a number one killer and also the most preventable with proper medical intervention.

So Friday comes, and I’ve been planning this night of debauchery for over a week.  I waffle back and forth cuz my chest is really bothering the hell out of me.  It bothered me so much that I actually wrote a will.  Does this tell you how high my stress level was?

Night comes, party party party… I start trippin.  I keep having thoughts as I’m out on the dance floor “if I drop dead right now, I am okay with that because my life has just been so damn good”.  Yep, not a good place to be trippin.  Because then I start feeling like I am seriously going to have that heart attack.  Holy shit, I scared myself.

I ended up talking to my peeps and telling them that I’m laying off the heavy drugs for a while.  I’ve been having a lot of fun with them lately, and I feel that it’s time to cool it.  And I know my intincts and trust them.  My chemically inclined bestie agreed that we should lay off, as she had been having the same thoughts the last couple of times we did it.  I love when my peeps are on board with me.  🙂

Saturday was rough.  Having only three hours sleep (dozing, actually), my chest was awful.  Because of the jaw jacking, my teeth were hurting, which was making me really freak out.  And when I googled signs of a heart attack in women, I had ALL the symptoms.

I talked to my husband about it (without mentioning the drugs) and he suggested that maybe my back was out, because he gets the same symptoms when his upper back is out.  So I had him crack my back and my neck.  I spent the day on the couch, the evening snuggling with him, he gave me an Awesome upper back massage, and I hoped it wasn’t my last night on this earth.

I woke up this morning feeling WORLD’s better.  I think it was mostly a back issue, and Steve promises me another massage tonight.  I have to work on my posture, as I spend a LOT of time on the computer and use an exercise ball for a chair.  But yep, you can slouch like mad on a ball.  That plus stress…

I’m still a little twingy in the chest today, but it could be residual.  I’m keeping a close eye on it, and trying not to stress too much, and if it’s still bad tomorrow, I’ll go to the hospital.


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  1. You need to take care of yourself. That’s all I’m saying. I have been there…and I’m really glad I’m no longer there, if you get what I mean.

    Plus I have jaw pain ALL the time so how the eff am I supposed to know if I’m having a heart attack? Plus my upper back’s always out!

    Just be good to yourself. 🙂

    Comment by Carbzilla — March 7, 2010 @ 8:00 pm | Reply

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