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January 4, 2010

Another Year of Success

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Actually, this title can look both forward and backwards.

Thanks to NutriMirror, I’ve learned how to fuel my body properly, and most importantly, how to LIVE in this body. I am able to keep myself hovering (I refuse to call it maintenance now, it’ll always be hovering to me) in the same healthy place. And when I feel like I am getting out of control, or that I need to refresh myself, back to NM I come. It’s always here for me.

I became obsessed with weight, nutrition, workouts, and such. So much so that my life was absolutely consumed, and I realized that none of my friends were around any more. Why? Because it was ALL that I would talk about. I wasn’t enjoying my new life. I was simply plodding through each day, refusing to gain weight.

NutriMirror took the FEAR out of my life. Teaching me how to eat healthy. Teaching me the fundamentals of calories in, calories out. But not just ANY calories… the RIGHT calories.

What do I see for 2010 for Shhh? A healthy HAPPY year. Full of good food AND good friends. Doing great activities and living life.

Enjoy it. It’s ours for the taking.

Thanks for listening.


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