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December 26, 2009

Christmas in Review

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Phew, it’s almost over!

I’m sitting here this morning, alone in the living room, surrounded by the shrapnel that was Christmas.  Bits of paper, gifts strewn about, chocolate boxes, empty wine glasses, snot rags… yep, I’m sick.

I felt the cold coming on the 23rd.  That’s when it really started to hit.  I’ve spent Christmas hopped up on Tylenol Cold.  The good news is that I have not been hungry, so did not pig out at Christmas dinner.  I also did not break out all the munchies that I had planned for Christmas Day.  I pretty much layed on the couch the entire day, drinking mimosas.  Vitamin C is my friend.  The champagne didn’t hurt.  LOL.

The boys got so spoiled this year.  The adults all decided we were not buying for each other, but instead focusing on our households.  Steve and I don’t spend a lot of money on each other usually (although I got spoiled this year… more on that in a minute).  So I was able to get the boys what they wanted for Christmas and more.  They each got a cool cell phone.  And Logan got a leather jacket (he almost cried).  Socks and underwear, of course.

It was funny.  Logan is 16 now.  He opens up the socks and says “now that I’m older, I really actually appreciate clothes for Christmas”.  LOL

I was spoiled rotten.  I got my leather chaps, which I knew about.  And then I also got a laptop cooling fan thingy for it to sit on and it plugs into the laptop and cools it from below.  Sweet.  And I got a box of Turtles, which I haven’t had in a couple of years (but truth be told, they are so sweet I don’t think I like them anymore).  And I got the holiday Barbie.  OMG she’s GORGEOUS!!

Her eye makeup is so beautiful…

Today I plan on more couch surfing, and then we have a dinner tonight down the street at my ex’s house.  They have a turkey they have to cook that they bought at Thanksgiving, so we are all taking our dinner leftover side dishes over and having a mishmash dinner together.  Nice, huh?  No food wastage!  I have a ton of leftovers.  And being sick, it’s not like I feel like eating them.

Well… Merry Christmas, World.  I hope it was everything you wanted it to be.


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