Shhhh… You Don't Know Me

December 1, 2009


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Dude.  There are too many to mention.  Everything from sexual fetishes to food fetishes (have you ever melted chocolate on your tongue?) to clothing fetishes and shoe fetishes.

Which ones are my favourites?  Hmmm…. definately a toss up between food and shoes.

Food has ruled my life ALL of my life.  I’ve always had a love for good food. My mother used to say that she was a professional cook and I was a professional eater.  Little did she know that her cooking for me, or NOT cooking for me, would create such emotional issues for me in my life.  Food really fucked me up.  The worst thing being that I still need it every day to just survive.

Shoes… not so much.  Okay, so I got a little carried away for a while there.  I’d buy all KINDS of shoes.  Loved shoes.  But you know why?  Because it didn’t matter how fat I was, shoes still looked great.  You could still buy shoes that made your feet look tiny.  Clothing didn’t work that way.  Nothing really worked that way like shoes did.

I was so sad the day I had to pack up all those lovely shoes and give them away to charity.  You see, when I lost the weight, apparently I had fat feet!!  I had no idea that my feet had grown right along with the rest of me!!

Same with my head, btw.  I had to stick weather strip in my cowboy hat.  I wasn’t about to throw it, too… it’s a Stetson and I love it.

Ah well… what’s a girl to do…  I’ll tell ya:  Buy new shoes!!!


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