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November 26, 2009

Biggest Loser *spoiler*

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First, you ARE watching or recording the “where are they now” special tonight, right?  I’ve caught up with most of them online anyways, but I am still sucked into anything that is BL.

Last night… huh.  I wanted Rudy to go home.  He pissed me off last week turning on Rebecca like that.  I was glad for Amanda that she did so well, but really?  Must we keep beating the “America chose me” horse?  Really?  Do they really know you?  Or did they dial a random number cuz they had to pick one, and more random dialed yours than the other girls.  The choice was not based on much more than looks so stop it.  Stop it now.

Liz got lucky.  I never saw it coming.  At this stage of the game, my son was talking about “who’s a contender and the biggest threat”.  I had to point out to him that they ALL are because they are all still there.  That proves that each person has been damn great on this journey, and has worked hard consistently.  None can be counted out. 

I was shocked when Amanda chose Liz to stay.  I really didn’t know which way it would go.  The producers have been really good at hiding their friendship, so it was quite the reveal. 

One more week, then the finale.  Next week they run that marathon.  Ugh.  Glad it’s them and not me! 

I’m so looking forward to the finale.  I want to see them all in all their glory.  I will cry my fool face off.  And then I’ll cry cuz it’s over for another season, and how will I spend my Tuesday nights??


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  1. I’m going to miss the show when it’s gone…..

    Comment by fatinah — November 27, 2009 @ 12:05 am | Reply

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