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November 18, 2009

The Biggest Loser (spoiler)

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Was anyone else disappointed?  The makeover show is a favourite of mine, but this year they just seemed to gloss over it.  And truth be told, the makeovers weren’t all that great, imo.  I liked Danny’s gray hair.  And I thought Rebecca’s cut was cute… but her old cut was cuter. 

I don’t know… for me the makeover show is very emotional.  Watching them picking and choosing outfits.  Trying things on.  The thrill of being able to go into a regular store and shop.  That was denied last night, and I was sad about it.

The show itself was interesting, with some twists.  Rudy’s sister dying?  His denial of abandonment by his family while they went through all of that?  Oh sure, he has logically understood it from an adult perspective, but he denies the little boy clamouring for help inside.  Abandonment doesn’t necessarily have such a negative connotation.  It just is what it is.  It wasn’t malicious, and it wasn’t intentionally.  It had to be.  But it still is what it is.  I don’t think he’s ever thought it out from that angle. 

I cannot decide if I like Liz or not.  Some weeks I’m totally Team Liz.  But on others I’m all “meh”.  I cannot pin why.  She doesn’t “speak to me” the way some do.

Totally cried when they turned to see their families.  Especially the men.  Nothing makes me weep like a crumpled man.  Ptoo.



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