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November 9, 2009

It’s my Birthday!

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For real!

Thanks to all who commented on my rough week.  It’s been a trip and half, lemme tell you.

I know this sounds heartless, but as awful as it was to lose Morgie… it was almost a relief.  Things were SO bad.  I miss her like mad, though.

So how glad was I that I had set the wheels in motion a few weeks back to adopt another into our pack yesterday!

Actually, let me tell you about yesterday, which was the day after my birthday party at the bar:

I camped on my couch pretty much ALL day.  I had to do a mystery shop for White Spot for a takeout lunch, so that was a great start.  Mmmm, greasy burger (get the new Roma Burger… omg YUM) and ceasar salad was JUST what the doctor ordered.  Then our doggie came.  Bentley is AWESOME.  Super friendly, a little smaller than my blue heeler was.  He’s a ginger.  Red haired, red nosed, red rimmed eyes.  His poor nails though… they obviously didn’t take good care of him.  His dew claws have literally grown in a circle.  I’m going to call around and see how much it would cost to have them professinally trimmed the first time.  Hubby can do it from there, but right now they are a mess, and it affects his walking.  Poor guy. 
He’s such a cuddlebug, too!!  Which Oscar (my wiener) isn’t too happy about.  He’s trouncing around the house all puffed up like a juicemonkey with a new lifter in the gym.  They haven’t had any violent scraps (thank god).  Since this is the first intro Oscar has had since the mauling, I was a little nervous.  But they have had some loud yelling matches.
The funniest is that Bentley has long legs.  So when Oscar gets in his face and starts yelling at him, he steps on Oscar’s face and yells back.  It’s like when a taller person holds a smaller person back with a hand on the forehead, and the smaller one is swinging and yelling.  Sooo funny!!  But I have faith that Oscar will calm down.  Bentley really couldn’t give two craps about Oscar’s tude, which is good.  If he was as tense as Osc, it could go ugly.
First night in the kennel was awesome!  I think Bentley was kennel trained in a former life (we are his fourth owners).  I do believe he has found his forever home. 
Oh, and my boss told me today (happy freakin birthday to ME) that she has a laptop with my name on it.  WOOT!!!  The universe provides!!!!  I threw it out there about three months ago that I wanted one so that I could sit on the couch while Steve is watching his crappy tv shows and surf blogs.  I’m in my office all day.  I don’t want to be stuck in here for my personal time, too.

Eating has been CRAP.  Excercising has been… non existant.  Unless dancing for hours on Sat counts.  Which I promptly counteracted with alcohol calories.  LOL

Today is a shitscene of eating.  I have a lunch date at YVR (Vancouver Airport) at Harvey’s.  I have a dear dear friend who lives in Toronto and I only see every few years.  She is originally from a small town twelve hours north of me.  Her hubby gifted her a family vacation.  Today she has a three hour layover between flights home.  And so we are doing lunch at the airport!  I’m so excited!!

Then tonight is The Keg.  OMG, I love The Keg.  I am such a meatavor.  I could never go vegetarian. I actually CRAVE the chaw of a good piece of beef.  Mmmmmmm.

Thanks for stickin around and waiting on my getting my bloggy butt back in gear.  Life got nuts, but I think we are back in control.

Oh, and my mom had her surgery, and the doctor said it was AMAZING.  She had lost 50lbs before the surgery.  And did you know that the first fat you lose is around your organs?  How is THAT for incentive??  So because she had lost fifty pounds of organ fat, the surgery was a piece of cake.  Her recovery has been smooth.  She’s up and toodling around.  She even went for a walk around the block!  She said it’s been absolutely fantastic, and the doctors are very very pleased.

She is staying with her cousin until the 22nd, which is great, because she lives alone.  And she knows herself.  She would do too much if she went home.  So she planned this stay, and it’s going great.

I think that’s all I have to catch you up on.  Now I’m off to shower and head out for my first date of the day.




  1. 🙂 Happy Birthday!

    And congrats to your mom on a successful surgery!

    Even with the mixed blessings you’ve had, it looks like all in all everyone has made some great gains in the things that are important. And you know we’ll be waiting for photos of the new dog as well!

    Comment by fab Kate — November 9, 2009 @ 6:34 pm | Reply

  2. Happy Birthday!

    Interesting fact about organ fat. Thanks for sharing that. I’m glad your Mom’s surgery went well.

    Awww, Bentley sounds awesome.

    I like to think that whenever I think of my lost pets and peoples that it’s because they’re checking in on me. It makes me feel better.

    Comment by Mary Meps — November 10, 2009 @ 7:34 pm | Reply

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