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October 25, 2009

Sunday Already?

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Man, my son freaks me out.  His status today was something about loving his family and not realizing how much until they are almost ripped away.  Dammit!  He has a VERY dangerous job, and it freaks me out.  Most of the time I plunk my head in the sand and sing LA LA LA LA LA until all is well, but every once in a while my heart ends up in my throat.

Ah well, moving on…

Yesterday was an indulgent day.  It started out well with poached eggs on toast (no butter) and tomatoes.  Then for lunch I had ONE california roll, miso soup and green tea.  Then dinner was indulgent with wings and dill pickle potato chips.  (Don’t worry, Sue, I haven’t forgotten you!)  I didn’t overstuff, but I did definately eat past comfortable. 

Today I’m starting out right with a bowl of All Bran.  Not sure what lunch and dinner will be, but whatever they are they will either be healthy or in moderation or both. 

My sister and her husband are away for the weekend for their five year anniversary.  So my neices are coming over for dinner.  After dinner is soccer.  I’m not cancelling again.  We haven’t been out for three weeks and I need the workout!  And I miss the team.  I don’t want this to drift away to “remember when land”.  Plus, I spent money on cleats, a soccer ball, and stuff.  I want to use it, dammit!!  There’s a 100% chance of precipitation tonight… looks like we’ll be getting wet.  Wonder how the girls will like that?  LOL

That’s about all I got going on… oh!  I have my halloween costume!  I went to Value Village yesterday and spent the whole afternoon shopping.  I came out with the sexiest costume!  A red bustier, a black zipper blouse overtop, but zipped down to my navel, a shorter than short pleated jean miniskirt with black lace peeking out the bottom, fishnet stockings, and I’ll wear it all with my black leather knee boots (which I call my hooker boots, they are so sexy) and my long cape coat.  I also got a headband with black feather boa tufts around little red horns.  So cute!!  Dramatic makeup and red red lips, and I am a sexy devil bitch!!  I’ll do my best to get pics on here.

Speaking of which… I miss my camera!!  It still works, but it fucken SUCKS big time.   You can’t take any distance shots, because they are so fuzzy.  The pics are not quality by any stretch of the imagination.  And it eats batteries like there is no tomorrow.  Even rechargables.  Sigh.  I’m adding a camera to my universe list.  You know, the list of stuff I’ve thrown out to the universe that I want?  Still waiting on that laptop…



  1. omg what does your son do?? id be scared too.

    fancy poached eggs now yum

    Comment by Big_mummy — October 27, 2009 @ 12:39 pm | Reply

    • Let’s just say it’s not legal.

      Comment by Shhhh — October 28, 2009 @ 2:07 am | Reply

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