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October 14, 2009

Tuesday = Popcorn & The Biggest Loser

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Woot to the Woot!!

I can eat popcorn tonight, cuz I can sing the song “What Have You Done Today”.  Yep yep!  I plugged in a couple of VHS’ I had laying around the house and did some strength training and aerobics for an hour. 

Mainly I needed to work off the weekend indulgences, lol.  Thanksgiving was brutal.

Meals today were fairly light.  I started my day with the oatbran breaky you’ve seen me jabber on here about.  Lunch was a turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce, tomato and sprouts with a handful of baby carrots.  Snack was an apple with yogurt and granola.  Dinner was cod, sweet potato, bashneeps and lemon dill sauce (made with water, not butter).  And tonight is POPCORN!

But actually, right now I must be off to run to the grocery store and buy popcorn.  I’m out.  The boy just about had his eyes bug out of his head when I told him, so I better go get some, lol.


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