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October 11, 2009

Turkey Day!!

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The bird is in the oven, and my four hours of prep is done.  Yep, four hours!  Between veggie chopping, stuffing making, bird stuff, and house cleaning… Now I can just turn stuff on when it’s time.

And best yet?  The man is cleaning the bathrooms right now.  But since I was going ALL morning, I refuse to feel guilty!

Side note:  Holy fuck do my legs feel stiff!!  After my hour run yesterday (first run in forever), and then my four hour ride on the motorbike, my hips are feeling rather creaky.  My quads are stiff.  And I wanted to go out to the track with the girls this morning, but turkey day trumped it.

Dinner tonight is so awesome!  I made turkey, stuffing, gravy and bashneeps (carrot turnip mash).  My sister is bringing garlic smashed potatoes, broccoli and pies for dessert.  My brother is bringing buns and butter.  Our cousin is bringing ceasar salad.  Then we have friends coming over after with a fruit tray.  Portion control will be my friend.  And I’m totally looking forward to turkey sandwiches for the next week!!!

I’m still on the hunt for a puppy for my puppy.  I’m determined to rescue a daschie from someone that didn’t realize they don’t have time for a dog.  I’ll get it, I tell ya.  I’m scouring Craigslist daily.

What else?  Hmm.  Oh yeah!  Tomorrow I’m excited because I’m volunteering at our local Turkey Dinner for the homeless.  I did it once before and it was awesome.  I’m dragging the teenager with me, because I feel that every teen should have a bit of humility, and the reminder that we are so fortunate doesn’t hurt.  He is so caught up in his own teenage drama right now, that I think a good dose of other people’s reality would be fitting.  And he’s feeling really depressed.  Nothing is more uplifting than an unselfish act.  I am really looking forward to sharing it with him.

Well, I think that’s it.  I’m going to go try and sneak in some sexytime between now and getting dressed for company.  There’s something erotic about watching my man clean toilets.  Is that wrong?  ROFL


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