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October 10, 2009

Saturday Workout

Filed under: Fitness — Shhhh @ 6:23 pm

Week Total 02:42:76

Running Outside All Over Town: 01:03:54

Cals: 479

Temp: 12C (outdoors, beautiful and sunny)

– – – – — – – — – – — – – — – – — – – – –


IN ZONE:   00:49:22/01:03:54

(Zone:  131 – 193)

AVG: 144 (78%)

MAX:  178 (96%)

Wicked awesome run, all over town.  I started out wearing 2 sports bras, a wife beater, a running tshirt, and a vest.  I came home with the tshirt and vest looped into my running belt.  It’s such an amazing crisp beautiful day out there.  I’m so happy I did this!!  Plus I hadn’t done anything since Tuesday, so I needed to kick my ass.

Plus I drank at the bar last night and needed to go get my car.  So I decided on my walk home last night (while completely berating myself for allowing these extra few pounds to creep on) that I needed to do this today.  And good for me, I got up and did it!!

Now to convince the man we need to go for a motorbike ride today.  Sooo beautiful out there!


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