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September 27, 2009

Wasn’t That a Party!

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Holy fucken fuck, what a weekend!!

Disclaimer:  I am not a “hard drug” user.  I smoke pot socially.  I had an opportunity to party like it was 1988 on Friday, and I took it.  It’s a one time thing.  No need to worry. 

We got a call, and my hubby had to go away for the weekend.  So off I went to our local watering hole after work on Friday.  After we closed it down, we moved the party to my house.  What a fucken party!  Coke everywhere!  Porn playing on all the tv’s.  I put up my stripper pole.  Dancing.  Fun!

I haven’t thrown that kind of party in twenty years.  When I married, I literally “settled down”.  I’ve always been a biker bitch, but I married a “nice” man.  And I absolutley love my marriage and my man.  But Friday night was fucken AWESOME!!!!!

The party ended around 7am, Saturday.  A couple hours dozing, and I had to get on with my day.  Saturday was my niece’s 14th birthday.  We went to see Fame last night.  Don’t bother.  Wait for the video.  It’s an okay movie but not spectacular.  I’d give it a C at best.

Last night I smoked a bit of pot.  Had about two ounces of wine, and slept solid for nine hours.  Today, I’m back on the straight and narrow, it’s a gorgeous day, and I’m going to take my son out to see his girlfriend, hopefully.  Gotta do something, it’s the last gorgeous day for a while maybe.

Food this weekend, I’ve been incredible.  Except the movie popcorn last night, which I’m regretting immensley.  THIS is why I only eat it twice a year.  The damage it does to my bowels.  Ai yi yi!!

Okay, off to the shower.  Just wanted to update…



  1. Way to live it up! About the only thing missing was a donkey show.

    Comment by Camevil — September 27, 2009 @ 11:10 pm | Reply

    • Do I recognize a kindred Kevin Smith fan?

      Comment by Shhhh — September 28, 2009 @ 2:54 am | Reply

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