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September 22, 2009

THE Most Amazing Day!

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I had the absolute best day yesterday!  My husband took the day off, so I did, too.  We went downtown and had lunch with one of the guys he works with that he talks about ALL the time.  It was so great finally putting a face to the name.

Then he took me to his new workshop and showed me his workspace.  He demonstrated some of the things he does that he is always talking about.  It was so cool!

Then we went and purchased a helmet and leather jacket for me, and I had my first ride on the motorbike.  I’m STILL smiling.  Next time I’ll have to vaseline my teeth.  I was grinning so much, they dried out, LOL.  Hubby was over the moon happy.  We had such an amazing day together!!!

And then, I get a call that I better keep the phone by my bed, because my DIL is thinking she might be in labour!  I didn’t get a whole lotta sleep last night, tossing and turning with all the goodness, but that’s okay.  I’m super stoked.

Eating this weekend ended up sucking ASS.  We had pizza and chinese and wings in the house.  Yeesh.

Oh, I did have a couple of good moments in the insanity of eating though… One was when I was at the bar and decided I needed to eat.  I hoofed it up to the burger joint and then was totally torn between what I WANTED to have and what I SHOULD have.  I let the guy behind me go first, and he ordered my should, so I took it as a sign and ordered it, too.  I was glad I did, because I felt great about my choice, and not overloaded with cheese, grease and guilt.

The second was at lunch yesterday.  I ordered the breakfast special (2 eggs, 2 sausage, bacon or ham, hashbrowns and toast).  But I had poached eggs, tomatoes instead of hashbrowns, and I chose sausage.  I smashed up the eggs on top of the toast, so it soaked up most of the yolk.  Then I forked the eggs off, stabbed a bit of sausage, and a bit of tomato.  YUM!  I left the yolky toast, which means I left most of the calories and cholesterol.  🙂  AND I left there feeling satisfied but not full, and happy with my decisions.  What a great feeling that is!!


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  1. Every now and then you really need to have pizza and wings 🙂 In moderation, it’s part of what makes life worth living 😉

    Sounds like you have the BEST day! That’s wonderful!

    Comment by Kate — September 22, 2009 @ 5:43 pm | Reply

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